Express delivery of hi - spec modular buildings

Bolt Modular supplies hi-spec modular buildings across South Africa and neighbouring countries.

From a single office building or classroom to fully equipped remote camps with all the comfort and amenities you expect.

Express delivery of hi-spec modular buildings

Bolt Modular supplies hi-spec modular buildings across South Africa and neighbouring countries. From a single office building or classroom to fully equipped remote camps with all the comfort and amenities you expect.

Client First

We understand that client needs are often urgent and we are always highly responsive on enquiries and quotes.

Client First isn’t just a statement – it’s built into everything we do.

USP Fast delivery

Faster Delivery

Our processes and building systems are designed to shorten lead times and deliver your buildings quicker
USP Same day quotations

Same Day Quotes

You've got more important things to do than wait for prospective suppliers
USP Client Support

Project Support

Service doesn’t end on delivery. Technical assistance and guidance on new projects are part of what we do
USP Unparalleled expertise

Unparalleled Expertise

You want the shortest route to the right solution. Draw on our unrivalled expertise

Rock - Solid Benefits

Give your project a head start with our factory assembled mobile buildings. Prefab buildings provide real benefits over site built structures and traditional construction.



Our range of mobile buildings can be flexed and adapted to support your changing requirements
BENEFITS Relocatable


Need your people based elsewhere? No problem. Our buildings are simple to relocate

Flexible Renting

Mobile buildings for plant shutdowns, short-term projects or simply to save on capital costs
BENEFITS Swift Occupation

Swift Occupation

Our buildings arrive pre-assembled. Simply connect to services and you’re ready to move in
BENEFITS Short lead times

Short Lead Times

Pre-assembled buildings are vastly quicker to deliver than site erected structures and conventional construction
BENEFITS Low maintenance

Low Maintenance

Our buildings don’t require painting, roof treatment or damp proofing, and they’re also incredibly
easy to keep clean
BENEFITS No Disruption

No Site Disruption

Our mobiles are off-loaded in no-time and will not disrupt your existing operations

No Waste

Our buildings are built in a factory so the responsibility for waste management is ours

On of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to meet structural requirements on site and in remote locations is by the use of alternative building technologies. These have come along way in the last fifty years, and are now the most sought-after method for meeting these needs.

A wide range of modular buildings are now available in South Africa. These prefabricated structures can be tailored in a variety of ways in different settings to put at your disposal exactly the kind of spaces you need for your particular project.

Among some of the most widely used modular units are parkhome offices, a range of ablution facilities, and modular classrooms and kitchens.

All of these options, and others like them, proffer large benefits to users who want quick, stylish, and high-quality solutions to their building needs, using prefab modular construction methods that have already been designed by experts for maximum spatial efficiency.

Among these important benefits are:

Rapid and safe delivery

Prefabricated buildings that have been optimally designed for rapid assembly result in much shorter delivery lead times so that your construction needs can be met in the fastest and most secure way.

Fast quotes

Because the components of well-designed container buildings are easy to access and to use in combination by experienced modular builders, quotes in prices can be processed quickly.

You don’t want to wait while suppliers take time to get back to you with detailed quotes on old-fashioned temporary construction systems. With container buildings the component pricing details are ready to hand for a rapid onward quote.

Support for your project

One of the joys of dealing with experienced modular builders is the ongoing support you can rely on, even after your mobile container structure has been delivered.

Whether you want to expand or upgrade your modular arrangement, move existing structures into a new setting, or begin a new project from scratch, our experienced technicians are on hand to assist you with these and other modular challenges.

Reliable and unrivalled expertise

The last thing you need when dealing with design and delivery of modular buildings are delays that result from inadequate experience, which often leads to unforeseen problems in both of these areas.

Our hands-on design and construction experience not only acts to prevent unnecessary delays and complications, but places at your disposal assured expertise on which you can draw from the outset and throughout any follow-up projects you might have in mind.

This level of expertise ensures that you enjoy the best level of service and forethought across all the beneficial aspects of emplacing and using modular buildings in South Africa, and beyond its borders. Some of these benefits are:

Flexibility and adaptability

South African climatic, geographic and other conditions require a high-level of adaptability in the design and delivery of mobile prefabricated modular units.

Our wide range of mobile container constructions allow for any number of flexible and adaptive solutions to problems of delivery, placement and subsequent expansion or restructuring. Your changing needs can be met smoothly and in an integrated way.

Smooth and easy relocation

If your business is on the move between sites or other venues, our prefabricated buildings are designed to move with you. Because they are easy to relocate across a spectrum of terrains, you are assured of minimal problems when the time comes to set up your new business base.

Pre-assembled units

Because our structures are pre-assembled, there’s no on-site hassle with erection of spaces. Once the unit has been set down, all that is left to do is the connecting of services, and your business is ready to get on with the job.

Much shorter lead times

Conventional construction techniques are costly and time consuming, especially for business that want to be up and running quickly, and, if necessary, to be mobile too. Prefabricated buildings are much quicker to put in place and, because they are so adaptable, much easier to modify when needed.

Reduced maintenance

Modular buildings don’t need the fussy maintenance associated with structures erected on site. They don’t require painting, roof treatments or damp proofing. Nor are they prone to cracks, leaks and draughts associated with conventional structures.

Their placement also won’t cause disruption at your site as there is no need for accumulated materials and a lingering building workforce.

Zero waste

With on-site construction there is inevitably a quantity of waste and material mess. This isn’t the case with modular building because these units are factory built, which means that the responsibility for waste management has been taken care of before your prefab is delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Modular construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions.

Container buildings are modified shipping containers with a standard width of 2.4m. Parkhomes are new structures built on steel chassis and available in varying widths and lengths.

No. We manufacture a range of quick to supply standard buildings so that customer waiting times are kept to a minimum.

Buildings in our Express range are usually delivered within 10 days. All other units are 3-4 weeks depending on our factories workload.

The most compelling reason is that modular buildings are significantly quicker to deliver. Other benefits include scalability, the buildings can be relocated, very low maintenance cost and no waste or site disruption during construction.

Outside of South Africa, we currently only supply Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Eswatini.

Air-conditioners are optional and we have a range for all of our building sizes.

Window blinds, gutters and downpipes, verandas, security gates, smoke detectors, chalkboards and white boards.

Not at present but we are considering it for the future.

Within South Africa we will come to your site and rectify the problem.

Yes. All of our buildings are mobile.

We use special trucks and trailers to transport and off-load buildings. If your site has special lifting requirements and protocols we’re happy to send you are standard operating procedures.

We can transport the building to the site but you will need to arrange lifting equipment or a crane if our standard system can’t be used.

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